Thursday, December 17, 2009

CFI and secular hatred

Got a letter from the Center for Inquiry yesterday. I read through it just for fun, and ended up not having any fun at all.

They bemoaned their financial status (typical fare for CFI), and then followed up with an appeal for a donation. After seeing mention of their sponsorship of "International Blasphemy Day," an unnecessary insult cast toward religion ("that most sacred of sacred cows, namely the taboo against criticizing religious beliefs"), and talk of a "struggle for a secular society," I threw up in my mouth a little and then wasted a stamp to ask them to take me off their mailing list.

Hey - doesn't the definition of Islamic jihad include mention of a "struggle" as well? Interesting...


  1. It's the end of organized atheism as we know it (and I feel fine):

  2. Interesting. Once I showed a Youtube video to Hemant, one that displayed atheists being obviously rude, and he thought they were very polite. So much for the so-called "friendly atheist."