Thursday, August 20, 2009

A "Blasphemy Challenge" video - yay!

On a YouTube roll. Got the urge to take a random sampling from the Blasphemy Challenge. This one is from Sam, who posted her video on December 16 of 2006:

Well, lessee...lemme get out the dead, he's stiff today! Okay, I'm swingin' him.....WHAP! Aw, it's that Methodist church down the street, and it still appears to be occupied on Sundays. I guess I should give Sam a break, though - it has been only two years and some months since she made her proclamation regarding the end of religion. I wonder what she's been doing to end the evils of Christianity - maybe some games on the Wii, or a tea party?

Seriously, Sam, do you think you'll see the end of religion in your lifetime? In anyone's? I don't think so. But, just to show I'm fair, I'll swing my dead cat around on my 89th birthday, and if I don't hit any churches, then maybe I will concede that atheism has won. But at what cost? Lots of people take personal comfort from religion. What will those people do when that comfort is forcibly taken away, as you are so obviously advocating for? And what would you say if someone told you that it was their intent to see atheism removed from the world by the end of their lifetime? What if they ended up the winner? How would you feel then? If you'd say that you wouldn't like that, then I have a new word for you to look up.



  1. "The war must end." Hmm. Surrender? The dead-cat humor doesn't make up for your total lack of intellectual integrity.

    Trashing a courageous young girl as a hypocrite for denying a fairy tale you claim not to believe in? You've got to do better than that.

    If you truly seek understanding, understand this: Atheist activists are not declaring war on the supernatural. It's a war on the very real problem of religious privilege in our society--or hadn't you noticed?

  2. Lots of atheists take personal comfort from insulting Christians. You want to forcibly remove that crutch for these psuedo-intellectual atheists? Just imagine the chaos and anarchy if they actually had to research their claims and stop insulting people! Frightening :)

    1. Frightening indeed, Compassionate Heathen. Frightening indeed... :)